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The Slot Games

We prefer to pounce or prefer things that are in our slot. One of the biggest reasons is that they are easy to get and simple to foster. It is the human tendency to prioritize stuff which is within their reach. Same goes for the computer-generated games or high-resolution computer …

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Realize Your True Potential

Whenever people visit a guru or any church, mosque or a temple one question that they never cease to ask is the purpose of life. Why were they born on the Earth? And what will they do in life? While the almighty may not answer them directly, there is an …

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Take Your Time

Life is a beautiful experience for those who have achieved a lot in their lives. People who don’t have a dearth of goods that essentially lead their households have zero complaints. They have no tensions or worries to do regarding what are they going to eat or how they will …

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Bet Yourself Out of Misery

Budget is prepared to devote equal money to our necessary goods in the required amount. Based on these expenditures are made during the month or a year. It helps in running the economy smoothly and without hassle. There’s a trend in what you buy and it can well be understood …

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The Enthusiasm and Passion

Life is a deep philosophy. There’s a purpose of survival for even the tiniest of the organism like a virus or a bacteria. Every life is contributing to living for the other; directly or indirectly. It is a cycle, which doesn’t need any distraction. The world should move on with …

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Reasons To Try Your Luck

As kids and youngsters, we all have betted with our friends on trivial issues and things. That had earned us some money and most of the times happiness of out doing the other with the abundant knowledge of different subjects. Displaying the might has always been the purpose of human …

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