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NetEnt’s Live Dealer Casino is The Best!

Gaming with a live dealer has been a thing since the mid-2000s. In addition, NetEnt didn’t join the fray until they eventually opened a live dealer casino in 2013.

Nevertheless, despite its late debut into this market, NetEnt has already made a significant impact.

The two components of NetEnt’s live dealer casino that stand out are the UI and streaming quality.

The user interface is distinctive from what you would typically see in the sector. The table specifically occupies the full bottom half of the screen, and you may change the background to anything from mansions to a typical casino environment.

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The clear, real-time broadcast quality adds to the true sense of the NetEnt live dealer experience. Additionally, expect to see beautiful and engaging merchants.

Because NetEnt only offers several versions of blackjack and roulette, variety is the one area where their live dealer casino may be improved. But if you enjoy playing these games, you’ll adore the way NetEnt displays them.


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