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Blood Suckers – The NetEnt Creation!

After Gonzo’s Quest, Blood Suckers is undoubtedly NetEnt’s second-most popular game. This spine-chilling slot, which was released in 2009, combines blood, intriguing bonuses, and 3D visuals to provide the ideal horror-themed game.

Count Dracula, the Bride of Dracula, a gypsy vampire, an attractive vampire, a converted (green) vampire, and a demon vampire are just a few of the famous vampires in Blood Suckers. A bible, garlic, holy water, a hammer, and a stake are just a few of the archetypal tools used to slay these monsters.

The Bride of Dracula flailing towards the screen and Dracula biting a young woman’s neck are among the game’s excellent animations.

Another exciting feature of the game is the bonus round, which has you use a wooden stake to stab as many vampires as you can in a room packed with coffins.

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Personally, I think there is too much gore in Blood Suckers. However, I don’t watch a lot of scary films.

You’ll find this to be a classic slot as long as you’re not afraid of gore.

Blood Suckers 2, which debuted in 2017, is another option you ought to take into account. This five-reel slot machine transports you inside a castle where a hunter is pursuing vampires.

The graphics in the sequel haven’t been improved, and the mood is worse than in the first, which makes me unhappy. However, I do enjoy certain of Blood Suckers 2’s features, such as the treasure-hunting bonus round, which is a vast improvement over the coffin round from the first game.

If you like the first game, then this is reason enough to give Blood Suckers 2 a try.


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